Friday, November 26, 2010

review of night finder

accuracy:6 out of 10

main review:It shoots far fore a pistil but sometimes it shoots a dud because it shoots by air pressure.its light    and easy choc.It has 1 tactical rail.

distance:7 out of 10 (if it has a dud its a 2 out of 10

overall:6 out of 10

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

review of hyperfire

accuracy:8 out of 10 it is really good.

main review:Its a good gun its sort of heavy but it holds 10 darts.It would be a good primary gun.It has 1 tactical rail.Its a dart tag gun but it only comes with 1 gun not 2.

distance:7 out of 10.

overall:7out of 10.

review of mavrick

accuracy:5 out of 10.         (mine is 3 years old so it wont be as good but if you get it new you can get a 7 out of 10)

main review:It is a good gun and shoots pretty fast and is good fore close combat.Its also light so maybe you should use it as a primary and use a Recon or something fore your main gun I don't know whatever you want.It has 1 tactical rail.

weight:as I said earlier it is really light.8out of 10 fore weight.

distance:25 feet new 20 feet old.

overall:7 out of 10

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hi dudes!(:

I have watched probably 100 nerf reviewys. Just saying I know a lot about nerf.

Here are some of the nerf guns I have:


 raider cs 35

attack unit

pistil pointer

                                                          night finder                                                                                       sorry):  some of these names might be wrong.